NewroSim™ is a Neurological Model‑Driven Computer‑Based Simulator to be used as a tool in the clinical simulation field. It allows the dynamic visualization and interaction of Blood-Flow Velocities in different cerebral districts as well as the evaluation of the cerebral perfusion level of the patient. It also permits to develop several Clinical Scenarios in Neurology.


NewroSim™ allows the user to monitor the cerebrovascular variables useful for the evaluation of the cerebral perfusion level in pathological conditions. The user is able to modify the value of the cardiovascular variables as the arterial pressure, the heart rate and the arterial CO2 partial pressure, or act on the cerebral arteries condition adding stenosis or occlusions at different levels of the brain. Moreover, it’s possible to simulate an impaired condition of the autoregulation as well as the CO2 reactivity in order to simulate several scenarios with a damaged regulatory mechanisms.

The mathematical model driving NewroSim™ is able to reproduce the hemodynamics of the intracranial cerebral vessels, taking into account the presence of any inter-hemispheric compensation in relation to the morphology of the Circle of Willis (e.g. through the anterior and posteriors communicating arteries). Thanks to the user-friendly interface, the user interaction results simple, fast and effective.

Many are the pathological scenarios possible to:

  • stenosis/occlusion of the internal carotid arteries and of the basilar artery;
  • stenosis/occlusion of the middle, posterior and anterior cerebral arteries;
  • impairment or total absence of the cerebral regulatory mechanisms following stroke, head injury or other pathological cerebral situations;
  • evaluation of the cerebral status after variation of the cardiovascular variables of the patient.

NewroSim™ can be used:

  1. as a stand-alone software, allowing the representation of pathological situations and the monitoring of the cerebral perfusion level in the different cerebral districts, according to the variation in the cardiovascular parameters, which are directly controlled by the user;
  2. by the instructor during clinical simulation scenarios, thanks to the possibility of of displaying TCD images on an external monitor, which can be evaluated from the user in order to accomplish the scenario;
  3. linked to the patient simulators, automatically reacting to the variations of the cardiovascular parameters set by the instructor. The software is capable of adding an extra screen in the simulation room connected (via cable or wireless) with the instructor interface in the control room.

All these features makes NewroSim™:

  • a perfect support for teaching, since the user has the possibility to practice and self-evaluate on several clinical scenarios. The stand-alone version is completely compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, so it allows the usage of the NewroSim™ both in plenary rooms by teachers/instructors and on personal computers by students/users;
  • an interesting new complementary tool for the clinical simulation field, since it integrates and completes an area not covered by the full-scale simulators on the market today.

Minimal System Requirements

  • Display: 15’ - Display Resolution: 1440 x 900
  • CPU: Intel Core i-5
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) / Mac OSX 10.14
  • Hard Disk: 128 GB
  • Network connection between Instructor and Monitor PC

NewroSim™ is designed by Accurate, which works both on the development and the integration of this application with the existing full scale simulators through the creation of specific communication protocols.

Published patent application: IT1402823B1

CLINICAL USE DISCLAIMER NewroSim™ is licensed for use for educational purposes only. NewroSim™ is not intended for clinical use.


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1 M. Ursino, M. Giannessi. A model of cerebrovascular reactivity including the circle of Willis and cortical anastomoses, Ann Biomed Eng. 2010 Jan 22.